Aloe vera

Aloe veraOne of the most famous succulents is Aloe vera, which is just one of over 400 species in the aloe family.  Originally from Africa, aloe plants have thick, fleshy stalks and can flower.

Aloe vera is a key ingredient in some lotions and many sunburn relief products.  In fact, it’s touted as a key selling point for some!  But this isn’t a recent discovery.  According to the Mayo Clinic, Aloe vera has been used in this way for thousands of years to treat all kinds of skin issues.

You can see for yourself!  Break off a piece of an Aloe vera stalk (watch out for the thorns!) and you will see a ‘gel’ inside.  Ancient civilizations would squeeze this directly onto their skin to help relieve problems.  Even today, this is used as a survival technique by explorers and campers if they find themselves in a tight spot.

Question for you: how do you use aloe?

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